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Top 7 Electric Cars With The Longest Range



At the sound and sight of  electric and hybrid cars ,a lot of people especially in Nigeria blush.They think of the possibility of not buying fuel anymore.Not to forget those times when fuel is scarce .

One major issue with most electric cars which is now being tackled gradually is range.How long would it work before you have to charge it.

Lets find out the top 7 electric cars with longest range.


7.Nissan Leaf (2017 )

This car built by Japanese auto warriors is on the bottom of our list today.

Its a five passenger hatchback,it comes standard with the NissanConnect infotainment system with a 5-inch display screen.

It has a range of  about 107 miles (approx 172 Km).

It costs approximately 12 million Naira .

6.BMW i3 (2017 )

This updated version of the i3 has about 40 percent more range compared to its predecessors .

It has a range of about 114 miles (approx 184 Km).

It costs approximately 17 million Naira .

5.Hyundai Ioniq Electric (2017)

Yet another hatchback vehicle ,it can travel 124 miles (approx 200 Km) before needing a recharge .

The makers said they would be extending its range to 200 miles by 2018.

It costs approximately 12.1 million Naira .

4.Volkswagen e-Golf(2017)

Despite the various scandals going on in the Volkswagen camp,they seem to be improving.

This vehicle can go 126 miles(approx 202 Km) before needing a recharge .

It costs approximately 11.6 million Naira .

3.Chevrolet Bolt EV(2017)

Chevrolet have made so much progress in the hybrid and electric car industry.This vehicle has an impressive 238 mile range(approx 383 Km).

It costs approximately 16 million Naira

2.Tesla Model X

This mid size SUV is a true definition of luxury.It travels from 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds .

It has a range of 295 miles (approx 475 Km )

This car would be breaking your pocket at approximately 34.2 million Naira !.

1.Tesla Model S

Yet another Tesla ,and it is taking the top spot on our list today.This car we only wished for years ago,can travel an awesome 335 miles (approx 539 Km) before needing a recharge.

You would need a fat account for this one.It starts at 27 million Naira,and as much as 44 million Naira if you want some extra features .

What do you think?

Would you like to own one .

One of this would surely rescue us from the fuel palaver.

Kindly share your thoughts and follow us !.

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