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Toyota Motor Europe Sold Almost 1.2 Million Vehicles Last Year



In 2023, a total of 1,173,419 new Toyota and Lexus cars were delivered in Europe. That was nine percent more than in 2022, enough for a new delivery record. Never before has Toyota Motor Europe delivered so many cars in one year.

Of those almost 1.2 million new cars, 1,099,782 were Toyotas. The Toyota brand thus scored seven percent better in 2023 than a year earlier. Nearly 94 percent of all cars delivered by Toyota Motor Europe in Europe in 2023 were Toyotas. The Yaris, Yaris Cross, Corolla, Corolla Cross, C-HR, Aygo X, and RAV4 together accounted for 76 percent of all registered Toyotas. The electric bZ4X made it to 19,606 deliveries. More than 140,000 of the Toyotas delivered in Europe last year were commercial vehicles.

Lexus’s share in Toyota Motor Europe’s deliveries is logically considerably smaller than that of the car brand Toyota. It delivered 73,637 cars in Europe in 2023. That was a nice 46 percent more than a year earlier. 47 percent more units of the NX were delivered last year than in 2022; big brother Lexus RX recorded a percentage growth of 44 percent last year. A third of all RXs delivered had a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

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