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Two Main Types Of Vehicle Chassis You Should Know Before Buying Your Next Car



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Have you ever wondered=
-why in any collision or accident,smaller cars like hatchbacks and sedans/saloons are sometimes crushed completely;but vehicles like trucks,SUVs,pickups and buses are seldomly/partially damaged,depending how intense the accident is.
-Why truck or big cars vibrate more than a small car?
Its all because they have different Chassis(body frame)

What is Chassis?
The chassis(pronounced CHA-see)is the rigid metallic frame or skeleton of the vehicle on which all the mechanical parts like engine,tyres,brakes,axle assemblies,steering etc., are bolted.It is the most important part of any vehicle as it is the backbone of the vehicle supporting all the parts.It gives strength and flexibility to the automobile.

These are the 2 main types of vehicle chassis:


1)Body-on-Frame chassis(a.k.a Body on Chassis,Conventional chassis or frame-full chassis)

In this type of chassis,the body is made as a separate unit and then joined with ladder frame.It supports all the systems in a vehicle such as the engine,transmission system, steering system and the suspension system.
It is used in truck,bus,SUVs and bigger vehicles.
These chassis are often built so solidly they sustain little or no damage in accidents)

-Higher load capacity and strength
-Easier to repair after accidents.
-Bodywork which is detachable from the chassis can allow easier quicker repairs.
-Easier to design,build and modify.
-The body tends to vibrate easily and the overall vehicle handling and refinement is lower.
-Performance figures is low and fuel consumption high because they are heavier.

Backbone tube chassis is a type of chassis that is similar to the body-on-frame design.

2)Unibody chassis(a.k.a Integral,frameless,monocoque,unit-body and nonconventional chassis)

In this type of chassis,the ladder frame is absent and the body itself act as the frame i.e the frame/chassis and bodywork have been integrated into one another.It supports all the systems in a vehicle such as the engine,transmission system,steering system and the suspension system.
It is used mostly in hatchback,sedan/saloon cars.

-Less rattles and squeaks are developed.
-Handling is better due to the higher body rigidity and weight.
-better fuel efficiency

-The load carrying capacity is lower.
-It is not safe in accidental condition.

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So the Monocoque or Unibody chassis are used in most modern vehicle types and is more suited for everyday,luxury and sport oriented vehicles while the Body-on-Frame chassis is better suited for commercial and heavy duty vehicles,pick-ups,SUVs and small cars like BMW i3 and i8(2 rare modern cars with a separate body and frame-both electric)

Which of the 2 chassis will you go for despite the fact that over 90℅ of modern cars are made with unibody chassis?


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  1. sholly

    July 24, 2017 at 00:56

    Unibody Chasis…… Nice info !

    • AutoJosh

      July 24, 2017 at 10:25

      Yes.. most vehicles use the unibody

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