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U.S. Army Sergeant Demoted For Dumping 3 Humvees Worth N238m From Plane



A US court martial has found a 29 year old Sergeant John T. Skipper guilty of deliberately destroying three armored Humvees worth $660,000 by cutting the straps attaching them to their parachutes before they were dropped out of a plane during an airborne exercise in Germany .

He was the second soldier to be punished for the 2016 incident along with the officer that was heard laughing and cursing in this video ,who was given an administrative letter of reprimand.

The three armored High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicles came crashing to the ground after being dropped out from the back of C-130 Hercules transport planes .

To airdrop a Humvee ,three parachutes are strapped to it, while pads and pieces of lightweight wood are stacked below the vehicles to absorb the shock of a normal landing.

The soldier who was in charge of making sure the parachutes were properly rigged was sentenced last week to a reduction in grade and a bad conduct discharge.

According to the Stars and Stripes millitary newspaper , he could have received a tougher punishment of a 10-year prison sentence ,forfeiture of all pay and allowances under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and a dishonorable discharge for the same offence.