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Usain Bolt Runs And Drinks Champagne With Astronauts During Zero-gravity Flight Over France



French bubbly maker Maison Mumm has developed a special champagne bottle and serving glass that can be used in space.

This special bottle will allow astronauts and future space tourists to drink bubbly champagne by eliminating gravity.

And in order to test the world’s first zero-gravity champagne, the company invited Usain Bolt on board a modified Airbus Zero-G plane,an aircraft that recreates weightlessness found in space.The The Airbus Zero-G plane is used for scientific research.

Bolt raced against European Space Agency astronaut Jean-François Clervoy and French designer Octave de Gaulle by travelling the length of the plane .

The 32 year old sprint star and footballer is the fastest man on earth .And by the look of things, he is also the fastest in this “more challenging” space environment.

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