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Which Car Sticker Or Emblem In Nigeria Is The Most Powerful? (PHOTOS)



In Nigeria, people place stickers or emblems on their cars for diverse reasons.

For instance, some stickers or emblems are placed on cars to promote the profession, faith, political affiliations, alumni association, neighbourhood association, etc., of the owner of the car.

Some car stickers are known to earn motorists some advantages. For instance, some stickers or emblem can minimize harassment by the police, co-motorists, agberos or other street deviants on the road.

Some stickers can earn the driver some goodwill. Some inspire fear or respect for the car owner.

Some stickers are placed on cars to dignify the owner of the car.

Indeed, some stickers are powerful.  With them on your car, it can get you to your destination faster by preventing harassment of any sort on the roads.

So which sticker or emblem do you think inspires the most respect or fear for the car owner?

Which would you prefer to have on your car?


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