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Why Don’t The Authorities Regulate Load Limit In Inter-State Commercial Vehicles?



Apart from damage to the vehicle, overloading a vehicle comes with a lot of dangers.

Overloading a vehicle can dangerously prevent a vehicle from  matching up with the pace in a very fast-moving  expressway.   It can also impede the vision of the driver when he attempts to use his rear-view mirror.

The impact of the heavy load on a vehicle can heat up the tyres and lead to a sudden burst, etc.

Auto fatality can result from  overloading a vehicle.

In Nigerian Motor-parks , it is common sights to see commercial vehicles being loaded far beyond a legally acceptable limit.

In some mini-buses, after all the passengers are seated, the transporter or the driver, then goes ahead to heap luggage at the point of exit/entrance into the bus.

This kind of practice can have very dangerous consequences.

For instance, in an emergency situation on the expressway, passengers wishing to to quickly disembark from the vehicle, can be impede by the stacked luggage.

It is also important to note that  some of these stacked loads can prevent ventilation in the vehicles.

Ordinary, officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) and the highway police officials should regulate and arrest such practice. Sadly, these officers are not known for penalizing commercial vehicle operators who  infringe on the overloading laws.

Instead, their interests are elsewhere.





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