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Lock-Down: Watch Gov. Nyesom Wike In Action On The Street (VIDEO)




Lock-Down: Gov. Nyesom Wike In Action On The Street

Governor Nyesom Wike is certainly not joking about the enforcement of the lockdown in his state.

The no-nonsense Governor of Rivers State is ensuring that residents of the state capital comply with his directive for people to stay at home.

He has been on the streets of Port Harcourt personally monitoring compliance to his directive.

Watch the video of Governor Nwike enforcing compliance on the Streets of the state capital.

On the street, he has arrested some very important persons (VIPS) on the street that were not on essential duties but were allegedly moving around with their police escorts.

He has arrested two pilots attached to Helicopter companies and 10 of their passengers that violated the lock-down rules.

He has declared Caverton Helicopters persona non grata in River State.

The Governor also blasted the state Deputy Commissioner of Police for granting exemptions to companies. Says there can be no two governors.

He rewarded a community in the state with N5 million for providing information which resulted in the arrest of trucks, cattle, and passengers who sneaked into Port Harcourt in breach of the state’s restriction orders.

He ordered the auctioning of the cattle and the two trucks involved and effected the arrests of 14 Persons hidden in two trailers.

According to Wike: “This fight has nothing to do with individuals. The law must take its course. Port Harcourt and Obio/Akpor are under lockdown and the law must be obeyed. The trailers and the cows will be auctioned tomorrow.


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