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Zambian Man Nkisu Yikona Buys A BMW X5 SUV For His Dog (Photos)



man who bought suv for his dog


















While some people are working hard to buy their first car, a dog in Zambia just got one; a BMW X5 for that matter. A Comedian in Lusaka Zambia by the name Nkisu Yikona bought his puppy a BMW X5 SUV.

On his social media page, he pointed out he wanted to show appreciation to his little puppy for good behaviour.

He wrote:

You have been a good puppy, you never follow me any how, you always stop barking when I shout at you once!!!

You are not difficult when it comes to food, you even eat mealie meal by itself and you don’t complain!!!

I thought I appreciate you today by buying you this car, I know it’s not much, but I hope it helps you with your movements to the vet and and to see your puppy boyfriend.

I Love you my puppy!!!

man who bought suv for his dog

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