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11 Safety Measures You Should Take When Traveling In A Public Transport



From the first week of December till the end, parks would be filled with people traveling to their villages or other states, for different reasons. Whatever reasons you have for traveling, your safety should be considered a priority.

Let us find out some ways we can stay safe when traveling this December.

Only Board Buses At Known Parks

Always board buses at well known parks and transport services. It’s safer.

Stay Alert

Always be alert before, during and after boarding the bus, stay alert for anything suspicious, always be on the look out for your properties.

Let Family And Friends Know Your Location

Before you go anywhere always let trusted friends and family know your location at all times. Do this before the journey commences, and update them consistently on your location till you reach your destination.

Take Note Of Landmarks

Always take note of landmarks as you go, this might come in handy in a situation where kidnapping occurs or when for some other reasons you get lost.

Don’t Hitchhike

This is re-emphasizing the first point of boarding buses at well known parks. Hitchhiking or “sole” is very dangerous and risky. Don’t do it unless its totally necessary, and if you have to, scrutinize the vehicle before entering. Kidnapping and ritual killings are real and not mere fables!

Don’t Carry Too Much Cash

You might be tempted to load yourself with excess cash, please don’t do this, in case a robbery occurs along the way you won’t loose much. Just leave the cash in the bank since you can always withdraw at ATMs.

Use A Dummy Card

This is an extra line of defense, since we have heard of situations where robbers use POS machines. So, never travel with the card that has access to your main account. Carry a dummy card and use mobile banking to transfer required funds from the main account to the dummy card WHEN you need it.

Carry A Cheap Phone

I don’t think you would be happy to loose your Iphone X to men of the underworld. Just like the dummy card, carry a dummy phone. A “torch light ” phone would suffice, if you don’t want to sacrifice your entertainment, there are cheap android phones within the range of 10k to 15k you can manage. Check out some phones in that range here .

Don’t Play The Hero

In the event that a robbery occurs don’t try to be a hero, whatever material thing they are requesting for can be replaced, your life can’t be replaced.

Don’t Sleep Too Much

Its okay to take a nap, but don’t make it excessive, you need to stay alert !! .

Carry An ID Card

We don’t pray for accidents, but carrying an ID card with you at all times can save your life. It could make it easier to locate or contact your friends and family in case an accident happens and you are unconscious.



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