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12 Types Of People You See In A Public Transport (Memes)



These are the twelve types of people you’ll see in a public transport. This post of based on the creative tweet by FCP Eluagu whose handle is @FranklynEluagu on Twitter.


1. Those who suddenly enter the bus with very dirty clothes or mouth odour and you begin to pray that they should drop at the next bus stop.

people public transport



2. Those who will never look at anyone or the road or even talk to anyone. They will press their phone until the end of the journey.

people public transport



3. Those who will keep eating something, everything, anything throughout the journey.



4. Those who will keep teaching the driver how to drive then insult him if he doesn’t listen to them.



5. Those who will never give the driver/conductor money until they reach their destination. They will be like, “I go give you. Relax”.


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6. Those who will be looking at your phone as you are browsing. Then they will be like, “See oh! My brother scroll up small make I read finish abeg”.

people public transport



7. Those who will suddenly bring up a topic, begin argument with several people and then start insulting them.



8. Those who will carry excess load and enter the bus. You won’t see space to breathe again. They will keep telling you “Sorry oh”.



9. Those irritating people who will be picking their nose and cleaning their ear with key throughout the journey.



10. Those who sleep all through the journey and suddenly begin to use your body as pillow.



11. Those who will immediately enter and begin to conduct deliverance on everyone in the bus.



12. Those annoying people who sit like the bus or taxi is their parlour and noting concerns them when you tell them to “Shift”.




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