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15 Toyota Models Specifically Built For Nigeria



You may have been seeing a lot of Toyota Vehicles on our Nigerian roads because it’s one of the brands most preferred by Nigerians. Most of these Toyota Vehicles you see were imported from countries like Dubai, USA and Canada. Most importers go for the American specification as you would always hear “American Spec.” But do you know there is Toyota cars specifically built for Nigeria?

Toyota produces vehicles to meet specific regional conditions. These usually have to do with compatibility issues relating to fuel chemical composition, terrains and general environmental conditions. Toyota Nigeria Limited sells vehicles made to operate optimally in the Nigerian market.

It is good you know that the prices of cars sold by Toyota Nigeria Limited through their accredited dealers differ from the ones you get from unofficial dealers. This is why:

Prices differ due to specification variations. Considering our harsh environment, all Toyota vehicles sold by TNL come with ‘Severe User Package’ which includes reinforced suspension, heavy duty shock absorbers, engine under-guards, etc. These are all intrinsic value built in to withstand conditions of our terrain and provide peace of mind motoring.

These models built specifically for Nigerians are the only models sold by Toyota Nigeria Limited through their accredited dealers in the country.

Below are the Toyota models specifically built for Nigeria according to Toyota Nigeria Limited

  1. Toyota Yaris
  2. Toyota Corolla
  3. Toyota Avensis
  4. Toyota Camry
  5. Toyota Rush
  6. Toyota Rav4
  7. Toyota Avanza
  8. Toyota Fortuner
  9. Toyota Prado
  10. Toyota Landcruiser
  11. Toyota LC 70
  12. Toyota Hiace
  13. Toyota Coaster
  14. Toyota Dyna
  15. Toyota Hilux


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