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What The Car You Drive Says About You




We all know that the car someone drives has a lot to say about his/her personality. You are not only addressed the way you dress; you’re also addressed with what you drive.
One way or the other, the car you drive has something to point out about you. There are cars that will drive out and nobody will look at it and there are ones that will pass and it will get everyone around gazing in awww.

There are a lot of factors that determines the car someone drives. These factors include: how much you can spend, your family situation, what your job entails, how flashy you like to be, ego, how much you know about cars etc.

Nb: Everything about this post is pointing to Nigerian.

1. 1999 model Toyota camry (Tiny light):1999 toyota camryThis car also has its name to be “I-don-get-job”. When you drive this car, people see you to be someone that just need a car to drive but don’t have a heavy pocket. This might be wrong though.

This car is very common in the south-eastern part of Nigeria. A lot of people drive it because of its good fuel economy and easy maintenance.

Any roadside mechanic can manage to handle whatever problem it has and the spare parts is readily available almost everywhere.

2. Toyota Sienna:
toyota sienna

This car passes the message that you’re a family man or woman. It says you probably need enough passenger and cargo space to convey your family. This can as well be linked to transport companies because that’s their closest alternative if it’s not the regular bus you know.
This is not just for Toyota Sienna; it also applies for other minivans like Nissan Quest and Honda Odyssey.

3. Hilux:
toyota hilux

You’re a federal government official. You’re a driver if you’re in front driving it and you are the oga if you’re sitting at the back. This car also says you’re an Engineer or a construction worker. It says you need a very strong car to keep up with your work.

4. Toyota Camry Muscle / Avalon Ship/Lexus RX 330 and 350:

On the good side, you’re a worker or business man that earns decently. You don’t  struggle so much to survive. You fit in well in the economy.

On the other side, you’re segun wire wire?. You’re a yahoo boy who just hit his first million and needs a car to match your class and to show off.

5. . Gwagon/Range Rover:

We are not talking about classic 1989 model G wagon or Range Rover. We are talking about the newer models with inexplicable luxury and sophisticated engineering.
Anybody driving these are regarded to be rich and has jaw in the society. He or she is not just a civil servant or an ordinary business man.
The owner is a politician, a musician, an artiste or a pastor. Don’t even think about runs girls, it’s not their type of car.

6. Mercedes Benz:harrysong-benz
This category starts from 2010 model of any Benz. Be it C300, GLK 350, ML 350, C 350 etc.
one thing peculiar to the people driving these cars is that their car keys can’t be in their pocket, bag or purse. They like hooking it where eyes can see them.
In essence, they have this ego they want to uphold.

7. BMW:revs and runway
You know about cars and that’s why you went for drivers car. Bimmer as it is fondly called tells that you have love for cars and you want something sporty, aggressive yet calm to drive.
It atimes do tell you’re a car guy and needs something suitable to drive.

8. Rolls Royce:
You’re simply a billionaire. You earn more than 6 figures monthly and you’re a tycoon in your business line. Rolls Royce says you’re on top of the game you play.
You’re a high ranking politician, footballer, pastor, businessman etc.

That’s where we gonna stop for now. PLEASE don’t take the post personal, it is just for fun.
Always Feel free to add yours using the comment section.

Please, what do you have to say about the cars for runs girls????


Emeka is a Contributor at Autojosh. A graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering with a B.Eng degree. Emeka is a car enthusiast who is interested in traveling, writing, movies and driving. He also loves drinking garri with cold water.

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