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3 Signs That Indicate Your Car Needs Wheel Balancing





To get the optimum performance from your car, a lot has to be in good form. The good health of the engine, efficient transmission, functional brakes, recommended tire pressure and lots more all contribute to getting the best out of your car.

There are driving conditions that can be annoying to most drivers; of which one of them is unwanted vibration from the tires. This will so reduce the pleasure of driving as well as your peace of mind.

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Wheel balancing is done to ensure that all the tyres of your car are balanced with the wheel weights to ensure the smooth running of each of the tyres. Basically, it has to do with the adjusting of the weight around your car tyres.

Below are the 3 signs to tell you your car needs wheel balancing.

1. Vibrations in your car:

Vibration is the most significant sign that your car needs wheel balancing. The seat and floor of the car are part of the vibration. The vibration is more pronounced on the steering wheel. The vibration increases with speed. The vibration is observed more when you clock around 80-100 Km/h (and above) of your speedometer.

If the aforementioned vibration is very severe on the steering wheel it’s an indication that it’s the front wheels that need balancing but if the vibration is severe around the back seats and car floor that is an indication the problem is with the back wheels.

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2. Tyre wears out:

An unbalanced wheel will cause the tyre wear out along its edges instead of wearing out from across the thread when balanced.

3. You hear noises:

There are noises you start hearing; humming and buzzing noises. This noise accompanies the aforementioned vibration and it increases with speed.


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