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5 Favourite Places Spare Car Keys Are Kept



Spare Car Keys

Have you ever been locked out of your Toyota Big Daddy while the engine is still running? Have you ever realised you mistakenly locked your car key in the car when she’s about to step in on a first date? At this point, you’ll immediately realise the importance of the spare key you probably underestimated up until that moment.

What next? Your brain starts to permutate. Who has an iron hanger there? Do I break the little glass between the rear door and the C-Pillar? Where’s the locksmith or panel beater? OMG! Why is this happening to me?

Also, some people are fond of misplacing their car keys. An outrightly missing car key can be emotionally draining, time-consuming and financially unprepared for. For example, someone had to embark on an interstate trip to Lagos to get the spare key of his car.

Obviously, the spare key is something you should handle with caution so it can pull through for you when you need it the most.

Let’s look at a few places spare keys can be kept. After reading, don’t forget to give us some more tips so everyone can learn from you.

1. Family/Friends

One good way to keep your spare car key is to hand it to a trusted person. This could be your spouse, parent, child or trusted friend. Also, ensure it’s someone who is easily reachable and readily available.


2.  In Your Wallet/Purse

Do you have a secure wallet or purse that’s always with you where ever you go? This may just be a good place to have your spare car key especially if it’s a little flat key. Having a bulky key in your wallet is definitely a bad idea. However, a flat key or a key card as seen below will fit in nicely. Some people keep the flat key in their wallet, then hide a functional key inside the car. Although, this is not a good idea for those whose cars use smart keys. Imagine someone breaks into your car, they press the brake pedal and push the start button. Viola! The car is gone in less than 60 seconds. They don’t even need to look for the smart key as it uses proximity sensors rather than direct contact.


3. A Safe Place At Home

When it comes to safety, the home is the number one place you’ll want to keep your spare car keys. However, safety is not the only consideration when you are thinking of keeping your spare key. The ease of accessing the keys during lockout or emergencies is also an important thing to consider. Imagine you have the spare car keys at home and the house key is locked in your car. How would you resolve this?


4. Office/Place Of Work

If you have a secure drawer or safe at your place of work, the spare key of your car may just have found a safe abode. Before you drop that key in your office, ensure it’s a place you can have access to any time of the week.


5. On The Body Or Underneath  The Car

metal box for key

Surprisingly, this is one tempting place people hide their spares. They wrap the key around a supposedly safe place underneath the car, using a tape. Alternatively, they place the key in a magnetic box and stick the box to the body of the car. Although these techniques seem okay for the keys of relatively old cars, the same can’t be said for recent keys – with more electronic features.

The downsides include: The key may fall off due to bumpy and flooded roads, someone might just find the key with ease, the car may sense that the key is around if it uses proximity sensors, etc.


As keypads, smartphone keys and voice recognition continue to gain more recognition, the need for spare keys will continuously diminish.

Have you ever been locked out or misplaced your car keys? Do you have an ingenious way you keep your spare car keys? Let’s hear from you in the comment section below.

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Spare Car KeysSpare Car Keys


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