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7 Reasons Why Proper Car Maintenance Ethics Elude Some Drivers



Car owners globally would adhere to the fact that car maintenance ethics could be challenging upholding. Getting a car is one thing, maintaining it is another.

It’s necessary to have your car scheduled for maintenance frequently for safety reasons and to avoid disappointments. I can still remember vividly when my friend just got is new Audi back in the university, he was so excited. A couple of months later he would always complain bitterly of how exhausting, time-consuming and money-draining it is to have a car. After a thorough investigation, I realized that proper car maintenance ethics was what he lacked.

Here are a few lists of issues that hinder proper car maintenance ethics. After reading through, don’t forget to tell why you dread maintaining your car in the comment section below.

1. Inadequate Funds

inadequate funds

Inadequate funds allocated for proper maintenance is a severe factor to consider. Some car owners do not consider the cost of maintenance before getting a car. Apart from buying a car that fits your purchase budget, it is advisable for car owners to buy a car that best fits their maintenance budget. This is one mistake car buyers make. You can also see other mistakes car buyers make.

This is a major hindrance which prevents some drivers from adequately maintaining their cars.

2. Lack Of Information


Some car owners are not well-educated or informed on proper car maintenance ethics.  As a car owner, you need to go through the maintenance manual to properly understand the importance of maintenance and how to schedule your car for maintenance.

Car owners need to educate themselves on the latest tactics and product best for their brand of car maintenance. These are five ways you can get to know your car even more than your mechanic

3. Nonchalant Attitude

Owning a car comes with great responsibilities, nonchalance can’t be overlooked, because it is undoubtedly fatal. A car owner needs to pay attention to details about his car. For example, if a car owner feels his steering wheel tilts a little when driving, the car is in need of alignment. Paying attention to such little details could be life-saving.

Some people can’t help their nonchalance, but it is very much advised to double-check such attitude when it comes to owning a car.

4. Religious Beliefs

Religion and supernatural beliefs are held so high in this part of the world. You could be wondering how proper car maintenance ethics could be hindered by religious beliefs. Well, people who believe they are watched over by a divine power/supernatural being could sometimes lose focus and as a result, get careless. Because they don’t feel the need to pay attention to maintaining their vehicle since they are being catered for and protected by a supernatural being, so no harm could befall them.

Imagine a man who owns a car, and he’s well aware that his engine oil gauge is below average and the water in the radiator is dried. But because of his belief in God or some gods (supernatural being), he gets careless and carefree hopping for a miracle.

5. Fear Of Incompetent Mechanics

Many drivers aren’t satisfied with the competence of their auto mechanics. We get reluctant handing over the care of our car/cars to them. This is majorly due to previous experiences and stories we hear regularly, like how the car got worse after getting to the mechanic.

To keep proper car maintenance ethics, it’s almost impossible to not involve a mechanic. But the lack of trust, car owners have grown over the years makes it difficult to entrust the scheduling of their car maintenance to mechanics. Especially in this part of the world where extortion is the trend.

6. Bad Roads

Bad roads are overly unbearable for driver and car owners. Terrible roads don’t make driving fun, and even worse frequently damage cars. It’s exhausting when a car owner every other day have to visit the mechanic despite scheduling his car for proper maintenance, due to bad roads.

Car owners know the struggle of owning a car and having to drive it on bad roads. It’s no news of how terrible roads are in this part of the world. These bad roads would haste the destruction of any car regardless of how careful the driver his. This could, therefore, frustrate the car owner because of the frequent visit to the mechanic’s workshop, which is time and money consuming.

7. The Owner Is Tired Of Fixing The Lemon

Lemon is a vehicle that turns out to have several manufacturing defects affecting its safety, value or utility.

Having a lemon would undoubtedly be tiring and tedious, due to frequent breakdown and constant repairs. Even the mechanics could see it as an avenue for extortion. Some owners eventually ignore fixing the lemon when they get tired of keeping up with the maintenance.


Are there important issues you’ve avoided fixing in your car? Tell us the reason why you haven’t fixed it.

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