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How Bad Is Too Many Keys Attached To Your Car Key?



bunch of keys with car key

car key ring  with many keys

You need to see the car keys of some folks. You will end up thinking that they are one serious locksmith or treasury keeper; they are just not that. They just have the habit of keeping several keys with their car keys.

A lot of people who owns multiple set of keys end up just putting all the keys together in one key ring holder. It is better placed on separate key chains.

Do you know that having much keys attached to your car key ring have an adverse effect on the ignition system?

This post for everybody but it is specially aimed at those who have it as a habit to carry many things like bottle opener, nail cutter, mini flashlight and the likes in their car key ring.

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A heavy key ring can weigh down the ignition and can one day cause it to fail.

Gravitational force is powerful and would always act when much weight is on your key ring. It will continue to pull the key down when the car is making turns, when going over bumps, when going uphill, and when it’s not in motion.

All this will make the tumbler of your ignition system to be wearing out. When this reaches a particular threshold, it will eventually make the key not to be able to turn the ignition lock.

In conclusion, remove the unnecessary weight from your car key ring. Two keys and your car remote is just okay for your car key ring


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