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5 Features That Would Become Standard In All Cars Very Soon



future cars

future cars

Technology is changing our perception of the world everyday.Cars are becoming moving technological marvels and the features and specifications just keeps getting better .

Some cars are already in the future but others are still trying to catch up.But soon enough all what we think are futuristic would soon become standard in all cars 

What are these features you ask ?

Let us find out 

1.USB Ports

I know you can already get this by buying some extra plugin gadget .I am talking about inbuilt USB ports and not just close to the driver but USB ports accessible to every occupant of the vehicle .

Most likely this would be built into the doors or maybe headrests.

2. Forward Collision Warning System

Already available in some cars ,this system includes a sensor and a system that warns you of an impending collision with an object in front of you that is stationary or slowing down .It sounds an audible alarm to warn you.

3.Blind Spot Warning 

One major cause of trailers unexpectedly crushing smaller cars is blind spots .

This system would alert the driver of the vehicle if there is any vehicle in their blind spot .

4.Back-up Cameras

As the name suggests there would be a camera installed at the back of the car with a video feed on your dashboard.This would give you a clearer view of what is going on at the back.

Although, already present in some cars , this could become a standard feature soon.

5. Rear Automatic Emergency Braking 

This would complement the rear camera system or might even replace it .Imagine reversing and there is an object too small to be seen ,for example a little child, the emergency brakes would be activated automatically.
What do you think ?
Do you feel they should be standard in every vehicle .
Let us know your thoughts 
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