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2 Struggles We Went Through That Kids Of Nowadays Won’t Understand

Nwogbunyama Emeka




We all know that the only thing that is constant in life is change. As time goes, a lot of things in the world change. The automobile world isn’t left out in these changes. A lot of changes have occurred. Kids of today won’t understand how difficult these two things were for the kids those days.

1. Window crank handle:

Kids of nowadays don’t know what we went through just to roll the car windows up or down. Even to play with them  was tiring because it will likely consume all your energy. Today, technology has made it easy; the electric window is here. Just hit on a button and the work is done. That’s what gives them the guts to always play with the windows anyhow.


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2. Car Cassette tapes:

Back in those days, we had nothing like the USB or CD to play music from. We only had this cassette tapes. We couldn’t easily choose our hit tracks or even shuffle tracks as we can easily do today. Today’s kids don’t know the struggle of having to wind the cassette film with a pencil when it became unraveled.

Most annoyingly, the tape can get intertwined along the way. It was really a tough job fixing it.
Kids of today will just use AUX cable to directly play their ‘Manya‘ by Wizkid from their phone. Who born you to get phone those days.



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