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These 6 Supercars Were All Home-Made (Photos)



home made lamborghini reventon

A lot of people around the globe believe that if they can’t afford it, they should make it.

These are supercars fabricated by some folks who thought they can recreate some already existing supercars.


1. Lamborghini Reventon:

This is a replica of Lamborghini Reventon. It was built in Wang Jian of China’s Jiangsu province. This replica was built using parts from a second-hand Nissan and Volkswagen Santana.

From the picture below, the work is not yet complete. The cost of the real car is over $1 million.

home made lamborghini reventon


2. Lamborghini Countach:

There is this man whose name is Ken Imhoff. It was gathered that he spent 17 years building a replica Lamborghini Countach in his basement.

When he began initially, he thought the project would take him just 5 years but it didn’t go as he thought. It did not go as he planned. It took him one year to figure out how to get it out of the basement.

Certainly, this can give the same feel as the real Countach, but he tried.

lamborghini countach


3. Porsche 911:

Let’s momentarily forget about the Porsche Davido bought for Chioma and focus on this Porsche 911 crafted by someone. The whip was actually made out of cardboard and duct tape.

home made porsche 911


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4. McLaren F1:

An amateur car mechanic called Jacek Mazur from Zabrze, Poland spent 8 years and $33000 building a replica McLaren F1.

Even though this is a fake supercar, it still wears an impressive look.

home made mclaren f1


5. Custom electric car:

This custom electric car built by Chen Yanxi, a glass factory worker from China’s Hainan province, may look pricy, but it only took 30 000 yuans ($5000USD) to build. This is why the car can only has a top speed of 40km/h.

As you can see from the picture, the car lacks mirrors, indicators and other safety equipment. This prevents the ride from being street legal.

home made custom electric car


6. Pagani Zonda:

Nick Truman is an IT specialist from Iver, Buckinghamshire, UK.

He transformed a Ford Granada Scorpio he bought for $150 into a Pagani Zonda using a diecast model and online photos for reference.

home made pagani zonda


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