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Nigerians Debate If 100k Salary Is Enough For Someone To Own A Car Or Not

Nwogbunyama Emeka



buying new car
buying new car

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A Nairaland user with the moniker coolluk asked a question on the forum to get various views of other Nairalanders. He wanted to know if it is wise for someone earning a monthly salary of  One Hundred Nigerian Naira (N100, ooo) to get a car for personal use.

This his question stirred up a lot of reactions. Some said it is okay while some said that amount is not enough for someone to own a car.

Below is his actual question and the replies he got.

Hi Guys

I have a job and i earn 100k per month and i am thinking of getting a car(been on the job for a bit), but i am planning maybe year ending, i want some advise from my good people in the house if it would be advisable.

P.S – i dont have much responsiblity at the moment i am 25 and i am also bettering myself with some certifications.

Thanks as you advise and not insult me, lol

He got these replies to his question

1. Getting a car is not the problem but maintaining it is the problem, ask yourself, what do you need the car for? business or just eko for show, if it’s for business then go ahead but for the latter do not try it.


2. look for a nicely nigerian used toyota corolla. maintenance wouldnt cost you much.
not just living, quality of life is essential. you will live longer with less stress in your life.


3. 100k can’t maintain a car, I disagree with this, a car isn’t necessarily be seen as a luxury, but as a means of making life easier. If you spend close to #500 a day for transport come on for a week its #2500 even that I can use for close to a week on a V6 3.0L, I magine if the op was driving a corolla with 1.6L engine or 1.8L engine it will make a lot of sense.

How much does it cost to service a car in a year theoretically
Engine oil 12K x 3
Filter let’s say 2K x 3
Brakepads 24k for a year all legs
Miscellaneous 20k
Total for a year 86,000
And you would have earned 1.2m in a year remove the maintenance from it u still have 1.1m to spend

Since I have been using my car for a year (clean title tokunbo) I have not even spent 50k on it for a year I just change oil twice in a year, filter, brakes and light bulbs.

4. I was surprised too, some people earn less and still use and maintain cars.

5. Bros, getting a car is not a luxury but a necessity. Just ensure to get a car that you can maintain within your income and ensure to be serious about the maintenance. I bought my first car when i was earning less than 100k and am already using my third car, i mean, i will sell the one am using and add some amount of money to buy new one. It’s all about been prudent in your spending. Best

6. My own opinion, you don’t need a car, save the money for a business, marriage, investment……………. I’m sure there’s a utility car where you live.


7. since u want a car, DAT salary is OK, I wonder y alot of people think you have to earn 200k and above to own a car.
if you can save to get a toks or good naija used car, all you need do is just to fuel and do routine maintenance NUREY has given you breakdown, dat is on the high side.
using a car is beta n saves alot of stress, though I don’t stay in Lagos, 2500 fuel will last me a week BT if I consider public transport will b spending @least 2000, now think of d stress from one taxi to d oda, no privacy, sum ppl will just talk to u any aw, d stress n discomfort, I bliv if am paying 500 for DAT, it Worth’s it.
bro go 4 d car n u won’t regret.


8. With that salary u can maintain a car, in fact people who earn less maintain their cars with no hassles. All u need is to get a car that is not expensive to maintain. I think it is even better u get ur car before getting married or starting a family. Having a car does not stop u from saving or investing.


9. I’ld say go for the car so long u don’t reach for ones with expensive maintenance. A regular car for a 25yr old is not luxury but a necessity if the initial outlay can be put together.
A yoruba adage says when a child is old enough to own a hoe, we give him one.
There might be a utility car at home but it’s not urs and u still get restrictions and stuff..
The question should be what car to go for coz u certainly need one.


10. These guys will en up confusing you the more bro, I bought my first car when I was earning less than 20k monthly and I maintained it well till I sold it off and got my second car a Legend with 3.5L V6 and yet I was making less than 30k a month. The truth is that if you get a good toks all you have to do for the next 12 months is fueling and servicing, once its 12 months plus sell it off and add little amount to upgrade to an even better car.
my friend’s younger brother is on a 15k a month salary and still drives a clean golf4, someone with 100k a month salary should be able to maintain any of 2002 – 2004 models, its not like toks break down on a weekly or monthly basis.
I drives Audi A6 2.7T and only going to change the turbines and brake calipers after 14 months, aside this I have not fix anything on the car since I bought it except for normal servicing which I did just once.
I’m a businessman and most months I don’t even make up to 100k yet I own two cars both of which I take good care of.
Get yourself a good tokunbo car my brother, don’t listen to those who claims to spend N1,500 on fuel daily.


With all you’ve read, what advise do you have for him?

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