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8 Worst Thing You May Experience While Traveling By Road



worst road experiences

worst road experiences

We are in a country where majority of the entire population travel by road. Let’s not talk about sea travel or traveling by train; those two on a scale of ten is tending towards zero. Air travel is next to road but most people will always opt for road trips for one or two reasons.

Some say they prefer to die on road where they can at least get some help before dying than dying on air where their body might not be seen again.

Whichever way it is; we all have our choices to make.

For those that always travel by road, I believe there are some things you must have experienced while traveling that have left an indelible mark in your memory. It might not have happened to you directly, but someone close to you or even someone around you.

You’ll find out after reading through this post if these are the worst things you’ve experienced while taking a road trip.
At the end, you can also share your worst road trip experience using this format in the comment section:

The car you were in:
Your route:
What happened:

Your contribution will be so much appreciated.

Without veering off what brought us here, let’s look at the worst things you may experience taking a road trip

1. Car with leaky exhaust:

If you have not experienced this firsthand, you might not understand how frustrating it can be. This occurs when smoke which is made up of carbon monoxide and other gases leak from the exhaust system into the cabin of your car.

The experience is very irritating and it will definitely keep you uncomfortable throughout the journey. Your eyes will be teary and sore. Your eyes will actually look like someone who comfortable smoked some cheap weed. Added to this, you can’t breathe well.


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2. Getting misdirected:

I keep wondering what is so hard in telling someone that seeks direction from you that you don’t really know. Instead of stating they don’t know, they will go ahead in giving you their ‘trial and error‘ direction.
Imagine driving for almost 20 minutes and upon arrival, you realize you got to the wrong place. It is not a good thing to experience.

3. Running stomach:

A running stomach can make you sweat profusely even when you’re inside a car fitted with a mortuary-standard chilly factory fitted air conditioner.

This could be considered to be the worst if you’re using a commercial vehicle. Other passengers will run out of patience and are not ready to wait for you at every possible stop so you can go ease yourself. It can even be embarrassing for some folks to beg.

It is a little bit bearable if you’re in your own car because you’ll definitely know how to manage yourself.

Be mindful of what you eat before you embark on road trips. This can be worse if it’s night journey.

4. Motion sickness:

This is something that is experienced by some people while traveling by road even by sea. This happens as a result of conflicting messages sent by your body system to your brain. This can result in maximum discomfort as you travel.

It can cause dizziness and might lead some to start vomiting. Traveling can be a nightmare to those who suffer motion sickness.

5. Sitting beside someone with body odour:

One thing about being a victim of this is that you can’t easily switch your focus; you’ll always perceive the foul odour. Some victims of this great discomfort can go to the extent of getting off the vehicle in a bid to avoid the sentencing to so much discomfort.

6. Robbery:

Robbery is a terrible thing to experience while taking a road trip. It goes to the extent of some people losing their lives. Those highway robbers can milk you dry of all your valuables and women are prone to being raped.


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7. Sitting near a talkative:

The people that will so much relate to this are the ladies. Sitting near a talkative whom you have no interest in what they are saying can be irritating , most especially if you’re their point of interest. It will be bloody if the talkative is endowed with what we have in number 5 of this write-up.

8. Car damage/fault:

We once wrote about how frustrating some car faults can be; you can read about it here.

Some of these car faults will end up giving your nightmare in daytime.

Emeka is a Contributor at Autojosh. A graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering with a B.Eng degree. Emeka is a car enthusiast who is interested in traveling, writing, movies and driving. He also loves drinking garri with cold water.


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