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6 Tips To Help Prevent A Car Fire



car fire

I kind of feel like the avatar right now , I have talked about how to survive a water crash,lets talk about how to prevent a car fire .

Always Have A Fire Extinguisher

I cant shout this loud enough, always have a fire extinguisher in you car ,all the time !!!.

Drive Safely

A good percentage of car fires occur as a result of reckless driving most times after a collision , so always drive safely , and stay sober (don’t drive while drunk ).

Avoid Transporting Fuel

I know this is almost impossible in Naija , but as much as you can , avoid transporting fuel in kegs , in your boot,if its inevitable , make sure it isn’t full to the brim and its very stable and upright .Also keep it far away from electrical wires.

Always Do Routine Check Ups

  • Before you take a drive , pop open your bonnet , check the fuel nozzles or pipes, make sure they are well fitted and there are no leakages .
  • Always check your fuel tank for leaks and cracks .Don’t ignore any , no matter how small.
  • Always look around for open or “naked” wires and seal them up with a masking tape,a little spark can start a massive fire.
  • Make sure your battery terminals are well fitted to prevent unnecessary sparks .
  • Replace bad fuses

Tidy Up

Keep your boot and inside your car free of paper and other items that can easily catch fire as much as possible .

Park In A Safe Location

When you got to eat out in Iya Basira’s shop park far away from her firewood .Always park your car far away from anything that could possible trigger a fire, no matter how small .

I hope you enjoyed this guys , don’t forget to comment and share .

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