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7 Facts About Windscreens You Should Know




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Apart from the fact that it protects you from excessive wind ,and protecting you from flying objects ,what else do you know about windscreens or windshields ?.

Lets find out some facts about the windscreen .


Windscreens were once luxuries in earlier cars ,you had to order it separately to pimp your ride .Goggles were the windscreens of those days .


The windscreen wiper was invented in 1903 by a woman named Mary Anderson.


The windscreen is actually protecting you more than you think.It helps with the structural integrity of the vehicle by keeping the roof of your car from collapsing and injuring you in case of an accident .


Parking your car under extreme sun can make your windscreen crack.Even worse, sudden change in temperature is more detrimental,like pouring ice water on a windscreen that is very hot.


The windscreen in some cars is actually built as part of the air bag system.If there is a problem with your windscreen your airbag might not deploy properly.


The windscreen is built in a way that makes it “flexible” to cushion the effect of an impact when an accident happens so it pushes the occupant of the car back ,depending on the force of the impact.


Not checking if your wipers are working before embarking on a journey can be very disastrous.

Imagine driving on third mainland bridge ,and it starts raining heavily ,only for you to discover your wipers are not working .


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