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7 Reasons Why Driverless Cars Wont Work On Nigerian Roads

Find out reasons why self-driving cars won’t work in Nigeria



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The whole world is going gaga about driverless or self-driving cars and how cool they are .Nigerians especially have affinity for luxury and using the latest technology especially when it comes to cars .

Today we would be giving you seven reasons why driverless cars won’t just work here in Naija .

1.Law Enforcement Agencies

We all know how unlawful our law enforcement agencies can be at times ?.They stop cars for no just cause.Its really going to cause a lot of trouble when your car gets flagged down and it doesn’t stop,driverless cars has no respect for NPF and LASTMA ? .


2.Danfo Drivers

If driverless cars eventually become popular in Nigeria there is no doubt that cities like Lagos ,Port Harcourt,and Abuja would be dominated by them.Then comes the problem of Danfo Drivers and other drivers that have no chill.Your poor driverless car which would get “confused” as a result of countless unexpected overtaking  is going to get seriously bashed ,plus insults ?.

3.Bad Roads

Driverless cars are programmed and where they come from there are little or no pot holes , so except your car is customized with an additional NPHDS(Naija Pot Hole Defense System),O.Y.O is your case  😮  .

4.Traffic Lights

Driverless cars depend on traffic lights to know when to stop at junctions etc.This is going to be a big problem in Nigeria where, in some places we have humans as traffic light ??.


Hold on…. I know there are ,learned,accredited ,experienced and reputable car mechanics in Nigeria, but how many of them are available and affordable .Waheedi is going to be messing some peoples  car up, case closed  B| .



I know there are rich folks in Nigeria that can afford it initially ,but as a result of all the aforementioned, you are going to be spending a whole lot as a result of constant bashing, on repairs and maintenance ??.


I could have easily let this slide , but naaah .Whether you agree to it or not, Naija still has a long way to go when it comes to Cyber Security,and whether you also agree to it or not we have some good hackers here.So if you plan on buying a self driving car don’t offend any programmer else you would meet your car swimming under Third Mainland Bridge ?.

Hope you guys had fun reading this , is there anything you would like to add ,kindly comment.

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  1. beamzy

    December 10, 2016 at 15:58

    So what will happen to the one Teslsa is about to deliver to me?

  2. Sam

    December 10, 2016 at 23:44

    Lol.. Naija boys and hacking!

    I doubt if Nigeria has any future with driveless cars

    Nice list bro.

    • AutoJosh

      December 12, 2016 at 10:54

      Light years away.

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