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Uber Signs Deal With Volvo To Buy 24,000 Self-Driving SUVs For Taxi Fleet

Uber has signed a deal with Volvo for 24,000 XC90 sport-utility vehicles for delivery between 2019 and 2021. With this deal worth about $1.4bn (£1.1bn),Uber is essentially betting the company on a self-driving future. Following the three-year self-driving partnership with Volvo, the non-binding framework could give Uber a boost in its ambition to perfect …

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Volvo Unveils Autonomous Garbage Truck (Kolekole) – Photo & Video


Volvo Unveils Autonomous Garbage Truck Volvo is taking the autonomous driving to the next level as they unveiled their autonomous garbage truck. Some countries are still using human beings that push kolekole trucks on foot around town while some other countries are going driverless. They are currently working with the Swedish …

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Tesla : Chinese Tech Giant Acquires 5% Stake

Image Credit  Tesla really can’t stop being in the news for the good, bad and ugly. This time around its for a good reason.A Chinese firm -Tencent Holdings has acquired a 5% stake of the company. I know you are eager to know how much it cost ,let me ease …

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5 Places Where Driverless Cars Can Work In Nigeria

  Image Credit : Faraday Future Yeah it’s all about driverless cars . A while ago I wrote an article on seven reasons why driverless cars won’t work on Nigerian Roads.  A lot of people misinterpreted the article ,well I did not say it wouldn’t work in Nigeria ,I said it …

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5 Things That Could Go Wrong With Cars -2017 And Beyond

Image Credit : BMW Cars of the future are already here without a doubt.We already have completely autonomous cars,semi -autonomous cars and funny enough flying cars(mostly prototypes) .The question on everyones mind is : What could possibly go wrong ? ,what could cause confusions ?. 1.HACKING There is really no …

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BMW Teams Up With IBM To Make History

Image Credit:IBM We have had a week of driverless cars constantly coming up in the news ,how about we have something in between driverless cars and the regular cars we know. IBM and BMW are going into partnership ,and the major reasons for this engagement between two industry giants is IBM’s …

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Google Abandons Plans Of A Self Driving Car

  It looks like all we have talked about this week is self-driving cars ,what more could we say ? .Its a technology that we just can’t stop talking about ,just yesterday Apple was in the news ,its Google’s turn. Google has reportedly “thrown to the back seat” plans of …

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