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No Hands,No Problems:Tesla Showoff Car Without A Steering Wheel That May Be On the Road In Two Years Time




On Monday, Tesla held its investors’ meeting, an event during which the latest advancements and plans in bringing full self-driving to the market cars were presented.

Among the presentations includes a full self-driving computer chip,that will replacing Tesla’s Autopilot 2.5 computer, along with a two-minutes video showing a trip taken by a full self-driving Model 3.

The video starts with the driver setting the destination and engaging Autopilot . As soon as the computer calculates the route, the car sets off and enters the road.

The fast-forwarded video goes to show how well the Model 3’s self-driving tech can handle bends, stop signs, junctions, merging, exits and so on.

Tesla also showed off a concept car that has no steering wheel.  The all-electric automaker plans to have a production version on the road in two to three years time.

According to Elon Musk:
“I think there will be a transition period where people are able to take over from the robotaxi but once regulators are comfortable with us not having a steering wheel, we will just delete that”