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Tesla And Mercedes-Benz Voted The Most Valuable Car Brands In 2024



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Several research agencies annually draw up a list of what they believe are the most valuable brands in the world. Brand Finance publishes a huge ranking every year, as do Interbrand and the research agency Kantar. In April 2023, Tesla was named the most valuable car brand in the world by Brand Finance, as well as by Kantar. Market researcher Interbrand thought differently about this last year when it put Toyota at the top of the list of most valuable car brands. In the ranking drawn up by Kantar in its report called BrandZ, Toyota is in second place. Just like in 2022 and 2023, this year it is Tesla that Kantar awards the highest position.

Kantar gives Tesla an estimated brand value of €66.91 billion. Last year, Kantar estimated the value of the Tesla brand to be €61.8 billion. Toyota, the largest car manufacturer in the world, is in second place but follows at a huge distance in terms of estimated brand value: €28.1 billion (2022: €26.04 billion). Mercedes-Benz was in third place last year, but this year it has to outpace BMW (€21.52 billion) and is in fourth place (€21.18 billion). Porsche closes, just like in 2023, in the Top 5 with an estimated brand value of €15.48 billion. Places five to ten are occupied by Ferrari, BYD, Ford, Honda, and Audi. Ferrari has risen four places, while BYD has fallen one place. Ford has also taken a step down on the BrandZ list. Audi has also fallen. The brand was in eighth place last year and ended the ranking this year.

According to Kantar, Tesla benefits from the fact that it is not a brand that switches from selling cars with combustion engines to models with electric powertrains. Kantar does say that Tesla faces the challenge of maintaining its brand value because it ‘operates in both the luxury and entry-level classes’. Of all brands worldwide, not just car brands, Apple is the absolute number one, according to Kantar, followed by Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and McDonald’s.

top 10 most valuable car brands Kantar (Brandz) 2024

1 Tesla
2 Toyota
4 Mercedes Benz
5 Porsche
6 Ferrari
8 Ford
9 Honda
10 Audi

And what about Mercedes-Benz?

Mercedes-Benz has also been rated as the car brand with the highest value in 2024, not by Kantar but by Brand Finance. Brand Finance crowned Tesla the most valuable car brand in the world in 2023, but now awards that title to Mercedes-Benz. It estimates the brand value of Mercedes-Benz at €55.78 billion. According to Brand Finance, Tesla is the most valuable car brand in the world after Mercedes-Benz (€54.39 billion). Toyota ends up in third place in the Brand Finance ranking (€49.17 billion). Places four and five go to Porsche and BMW, respectively.

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