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7 Things That Needs To Be In Place Before Self-Driving Cars Come To Nigeria




Autonomous cars !!.Its been a while I have talked about self-driving or autonomous cars .Today I would be talking about some things that needs to be in place before self -driving cars come to Nigeria.


1.The Law

Obviously there has to be a law,to guide the operations of this type of vehicle.How ,when,and in what region it should operate ,under what conditions.The list is endless .

2.Better Roads

Yeah , we need better roads !.No one would want to have such beautiful technology wrecked as a result of bad roads.

3.Improved and Well Planned Road Networks

While having good roads is one thing ,having good and well planned road networks is another thing.Good enough Lagos state is considerably at the top of their game in this aspect.But some areas are still lagging behind.

4.Well Trained Auto Engineers

Auto Engineers have to beef up their knowledge and skills because it won’t be business as usual.No one would want to take an autonomous car to Wasiu to mess things up.

5.Fully Functional Traffic Lights

We don’t want to hear of complains anymore that traffic lights are not working because there is no fuel !. The government needs to get their affairs in order regarding this .The traffic lights aid autonomous cars to know when to stop and move at roundabouts and junctions.

6.Improved Cyber Security

Nigeria still has a long way to go when it comes to cyber security .Driverless cars are considerable susceptible to hacking and it would be a very big target.The cyber security level in Nigeria has to be increased.

7.Law Enforcement Agencies

Well these guys and their behaviors is of very huge concern .They have to be trained on how to stop harassing car owners for no reason .And possibly their checkpoints have to be concentrated at traffic lights and tollgates. Because autonomous cars are no respecters of men in black.

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