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7 Ways To Keep Your Properties Safe When You Board A Danfo Bus



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Do you know that pain and speechlessness you experience when you get home only to discover that your phone or money is no longer in your pocket ? .

A good number of people who have boarded a public bus especially Danfo at one time or the other have lost their money or property even if it is an umbrella.

Let’s learn a few tips to help keep our properties safe when you board a public transport.

1.Front Pockets Please !

Keep all valuables in your front pocket ,or in your bag if you have one with you. There are some smooth criminals that pick-pocket before and even after you board the bus.

2.Place Your Bag In Front Of You

Whether its a laptop bag or female handbag or polybag,it should always be in front of you,on your lap,with the handle around your shoulder,now hug your bag tight .

3.Don’t Ever Think Of Sleeping

Even if its long distance traveling ,try not to sleep at all.Stay awake,stay alert !.

4.Keep Valuables Away From The Window

Especially your phones,don’t get carried away chatting on Whatsapp ,your phone could get snatched by someone outside the vehicle when you sit close to the window.

5.Don’t Flaunt It

Seriously,keep your Iphones in your pocket,its really not a time to flaunt it.Try as much as possible not to flaunt expensive stuffs.

6.Don’t Talk About Money

This is deviating a bit from the public bus,but it could originate there,so it kind of counts .

Stop having your 30 billion discussion with a client  in a bus !.Wait till you get home or a private place,you could be followed !.

7.Always Check Your Surrounding Before Alighting

Always make it a rule to check your sit and surroundings before alighting from the bus ,something might have slipped out from your pocket or dropped from your bag.

We hope you have found these tips helpful .

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