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8 Safety Tips For Flooded Vehicles – 9ja HSE Professionals





In many cases of flooding, several vehicles get damaged. This owes to the fact that water flows through to the engine of the vehicle and damages the electrical components contained.

To avoid this, here are some tips that might help;


  1. Switch off all electrical appliances of the vehicle.
  2. Don’t start the vehicle’s ignition, it might cause sparks which can lead to a fire outbreak.
  3. Disconnect and remove the battery of the vehicle and store in a safe place.
  4. Don’t open the vehicle door with the the key remote, it may damage the electrical system.
  5. Ensure you open your vehicle door manually.
  6. If you need to remove a submerged vehicle, get a crane or a forklift to carry it.
  7. Use a hand-held drier to dry the vehicle door upholster to avoid electrocution.
  8. Contact a professional Auto electrician or a mechanic to fix your vehicle.

Stay safe in this rainy season.

Credit 9jaHSE Professionals


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