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See How Popular Roads And Bridges In Lagos Looked Like In The Past (PHOTOS)



Lagos State is home to one of the largest population of black people on earth.

Nigeria’s commercial capital  has undergone a significant transformation over the decades.

Below are photos of some popular roads and bridge in Lagos as they were in years and decades past.

See if you can recognize them.

Ikorodu Road, 1947


Carter bridge. This important bridge in Lagos was first constructed in 1901.


Tinubu Square, Lagos in the 1940s


Broad Street, Lagos Island, Mid-40s.


Tinubu Square, Pre-Independence

Tinubu Square, Pre-Independence


Marina Street, Lagos Island. On the right-hand of the photo is the residence Of Colonial Governor (State House, Marina Lagos ) Built in 1888. This photo was likely taken around 1930


Ereko Street, Lagos Island, 1956.


Tinubu Square


Marina Rd, Lagos Island, Lagos


Olonode Street, Yaba


Carter Bridge, Lagos


Yaba, Lagos 1959 Photographer: Konrad Helbig Deutsche Fotothek


Tinubu Square, Lagos Island, Lagos. (1960). Credit: E. Ludwig John Hinde Studios


Customs Street, Lagos Island, Lagos (In the photo: Glover Memorial Hall)


Marina Street, Lagos Island (In the photo: Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina)


Yaba, Lagos


Ikorodu Expressway, 1970


Carter Bridge, Lagos


Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos, 1960s/early 1970 Photographer: Gerhard Vetter Deutsche Fotothek


Carter Bridge, Lagos


Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos.


Yaba, Lagos


Carter Bridge Slide, Lagos, April 1962.  Source Ruth Bourne collection.


Marina Street, Lagos Island


Tinubu Square, Lagos Island, in the 1960’s


Carter Bridge, Lagos


Marina Rd, Lagos Island, Lagos


Marina street, Lagos


Carter Bridge



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