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Why Steve Jobs Changed His Car Every 6 Months



Steven Paul Jobs, the great thinker, the man who constantly reminded us to “Think Different” and “Stay hungry, stay foolish”, had the habit of changing his car every six months. We are about to find out why.

Before we go into why he did what he did, you can read about the Apple Car .

Steve Jobs, just like most celebrities drove nice cars, from the 1980s when he “struck gold”, he drove several Porsche cars, most notably the Porsche 928. One of his most notable cars in the 2000s, before he died is the Mercedes SL55 AMG.


Mercedes SL55 AMG

Mercedes SL55 AMG

The Mercedes SL55 AMG, was the vehicle he actually bought most frequently every six months, he did this because the state of California allowed people to drive for a period of up to six months before getting a license plate, so Steve took advantage of this “loophole” in the state’s law and bought the same vehicle over and over again, without getting a plate number.

Can you try this in Lagos, and have peace of mind with “Men In Black” ? 😉



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