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Abuja’s FCTA Orders Arrest Of Drivers Who Overloads Their Vehicles With Passengers Amid Coronavirus Outbreak




Abuja’s FCTA has announced a strict measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus by ordering the arrest of drivers who overloads their vehicles with passengers.


In a bid to curtail the spread of Coronavirus in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has directed road traffic enforcement officers to arrest drivers who overload their vehicles with passengers.

Chairman, FCT Ministerial Task Team on Traffic Management, Mr Ikharo Attah, who disclosed this during a Media interface on Sunday; said it would be inappropriate during this period for drivers to have their vehicles fully packed with passengers in a bid to make quick money.

Attah said :

“Those carrying two passengers in front of their vehicles would have their vehicles impounded and drivers licence seized. Besides the health risks, it is also unsafe as the driver finds it difficult to adjust his gear and hand breaks”

Attah added that long bus drivers would also be properly checked to ensure that they do not overload their buses.

Attah also called on operators of commercial motorcycles (Okada) and tricycles (Keke Napep/Marwa) to avoid overloading.

He called on managers of motor parks and transport unions to obey the directives that limits any gathering to a maximum 50 persons.

On symptoms of Coronavirus, Attah advised transporters to be observant of their passengers. He said those with signs of respiratory problems should be reported to appropriate health authorities for prompt examination.

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