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FCT Minister Discloses Difficult Decision Taken On Tricycles



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FCT Minister Discloses Difficult Decision Taken On Tricycles

The Minister of FCT Muhammad Bello disclosed that the confinement placed on commercial tricycle operators to certain parts of the capital city was one of the most difficult decisions his administration had to take. learned that the spokesman for the minister Anthony Ogunleye revealed that Bello made this known during the presentation of the FCT’s 2020 statutory budget to a joint sitting of the Senate and House of Representatives Committees on the FCT.

Bello, who disclosed that the decision was significant because commercial tricycles by law should not operate on the express and highways alongside vehicles as they pose risks to both riders and passengers.

The minister further revealed that most roads within the Federal Capital City were expressways could not welcome the presence of commercial tricycles and motorcycles.

The FCTA was working closely with the tricycle association to foster the possibility of upgrading their operations to taxi cabs.

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On the 2020 FCT statutory budget, the minister noted that the FCT was proposing to spend the sum of N232,875,365,947.

These as overhead costs and proposed capital expenditure of N121,928,781,417 (52.35 per cent) as capital expenditure.

“The proposal also indicated reductions in personnel and overhead costs, with N53,876,241,095 proposed in the 2020 budget as against the N55,543,090,041 in 2019 for personnel and N57,070,343,435 as against N57,610,188,661 in 2019 for overhead.”

Bello further said: “These figures represent a 2 per cent and 0.93 per cent decrease respectively.

“Of the amount also, the Federal Capital Development Authority, FCDA got N40,282,958,388, the Satelite Town Development Agency (STDA)  got N33,702,830,000.

“While other Secretariats Departments and Agencies, SDAs, got N47,942,993,029 for their capital expenditure. This will help to address critical areas like ongoing roads construction, water treatment plants and related facilities and new projects.”

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