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Police Arrest Armed Robber Posing As Okada Rider, Two AK-47 Found In Motorcycle’s Seat




An armed robber posing as an okada rider has been arrested with two AK-47 rifles and five magazines. The ammunitions was found hidden inside his motorcycle’s seat.



During a recent interview, the Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Obafemi Hamzat revealed some of the reasons why okada was banned in the state.

Hamzat said in addition to not being a decent vocation, he alleged that some of the riders carry knives and guns; thereby posing threat to lives and properties in the state.

Hamzat said the ban is majorly about security and safety. And the deputy governor of Lagos State might be right.

This trending video shows an armed robber, who on a normal day, poses as an okada rider.

The suspect and his gang are responsible for some of the attacks in villages in northern part of the country. He was paraded with two AK-47 rifles and five magazines. The ammunitions was hidden inside his motorcycle’s seat.



Spokesperson for the Nigeria Police Force, Frank Mba described the arrest as “mind boggling”. He said someone with such ammunition can wreck havoc in a targeted community.

Mba also said that the suspect was arrested after a discreet investigation.

Each of the magazines contains 30 rounds of life ammunitions, making a total of 150 rounds.

Do You Think Most Okada Riders Are Truly Armed Robbers?

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