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Audi And SAIC To Co-Develop EVs Together As First Model Is Set For 2025



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Audi and SAIC signed a strategic memorandum to deepen their cooperation back in July 2023, but now the two companies are signing a joint operation deal to produce high-end EVs for the Chinese market.

SAIC believes its smart and highly technological approach to making EVs and Audi’s decades-old expertise in manufacturing premium vehicles are a perfect match to develop high-end EVs for the Chinese market. The first EV to come out of this partnership will arrive in 2025.

The two companies will combine resources not only in EV manufacturing but also in developing the Advanced Digitized Platform.

The two car makers will focus on implementing the best possible software solution into high-performance and premium hardware.

The main goal for both companies is to speed up the R&D process by combining resources, and both SAIC and Audi will aim to penetrate the previously untapped premium EV segment in China.

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