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Audi Wants To Buy An Existing EV Platform From A Chinese Competitor, Report Claims



According to a new report out of its home market of Germany, Audi is currently looking to buy an EV platform from one of its many Chinese competitors. The point of the move would be to speed up the development of its own EVs before its new in-development platforms reach enough maturity to make it to market.

It’s unclear if said platform will be used solely in China, or not. As is whether Audi will outright buy it or simply license it for its own use. Regardless, we should be hearing something official very soon, if this rumor pans out, since apparently, VW Group CEO Oliver Blume approved the project already.

Furthermore, a concrete proposition on the matter could happen during an extraordinary Supervisory Board meeting taking place as soon as later this week – on July 11 at the earliest.

In the Chinese market, where domestic car brands reached 50% of the full pie for the first time ever last year, EVs already make up around 25% of sales, while Audi managed to sell just 3,237 vehicles in the first quarter of this year (January to March). So the brand definitely thinks adopting one of the Chinese platforms would help it grow. Now we just need to wait and see exactly how this will happen. If it does.

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