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Bentley Holds On To Fuel Cars As Electrification Goals Has Been Placed On Hold



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Bentley is adjusting its electrification goals slightly. According to CEO Adrian Hallmark, this is partly due to ‘all the changes around us’.

Bentley revealed its tightened electric future plans about two years ago, indicating that a fully electric model would be released every year starting in 2025. Not long after, there was already a rumour that Bentley would not make it to 2025, and now there is confirmation. The market introduction of the brand’s first EV will not take place until 2027. The unveiling will take place in 2026.  Bentley CEO Adrian Hallmark explains that problems in the development of the technical basis are the reason for this. That in itself is not a big surprise, as the Bentley EV probably shares its basis with other electric flagships from the Volkswagen Group that are still surrounded by great uncertainties.

More changes are happening in the brand’s electric strategy, as Bentley is also abandoning its goal of being fully electric by 2030. Hallmark explains that not only the slowdown in the EV offensive plays a role, but also ‘the changes around us’ and the, according to him, growing interest in plug-in hybrid propulsion. After the Bentayga and Flying Spur, the Continental GT will also receive a partially electric powertrain later this year, and from 2026 on, the Bentayga will only be offered as a plug-in. According to Hallmark, the investment in hybrid propulsion for existing models makes it necessary to continue with it until 2030, so new Bentleys with fuel engines will still be for sale in the new decade.

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