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BMW i5 Touring (Station Wagon) Is Coming Soon



In one fluid movement, BMW pulled the curtains off the brand-new 5 Series last year. BMW’s competitor to the E-class has already been presented as a sedan with combustion engines and as an electric i5, but that still does not complete the 5 family. We will soon be introduced to the BMW 5-series Touring, and there will also be an electric i5 alternative. It is the BMW i5 Touring that BMW is now warming up.

The new BMW 5 Series, like most of BMW’s recent models, is available with numerous types of powertrains. It is available with mild-hybrid machines and plug-in hybrid hardware, and as an i5, it is even available with fully electric powertrains. Are there more versions of the 5-series on the way? Definitely. One of them is even a body variant; we do not yet know the new 5-series as Touring.

Through social channels, BMW is warming up the mood for the arrival of the BMW 5-series Touring and showing a shadowy video showing the most practical manifestation of the 5-series in the darkness. It’s not just any 5-series, but the electric i5 Touring. In addition to the electric i5 Touring, the 5-series Touring will also be available with combustion engines, but more Touring news is in the offing. For the first time since the disappearance of the E61, the Touring of the fifth generation 5-series will also be an M5 Touring. We will have to wait a little longer for the arrival of that fantastic station wagon, but the i5 Touring will most likely arrive soon, given that BMW itself is now introducing it.

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