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Bugatti Chiron Successor Gives First Sign Of Life



Bugatti says it is on the eve of a ‘new era’. That can only mean one thing: the successor to the Bugatti Chiron is coming.

Last week, Bugatti waved goodbye to the Chiron, and now it is sharing a short teaser video of its new ‘hyper sports car‘. According to the French, it is inspired by classic Bugattis, such as the Type 57 SC Atlantic, the Type 41 Royale, and the Type 35. For now, we don’t see much of it yet because the short teaser video only shows a close-up of the grille and part of the nose. That looks familiar for now, although the flap does not extend all the way to the grille, which was the case with the Chiron. It is striking that there appears to be a silver-grey decorative strip in the middle of the nose. That is a somewhat more classic accent than the Chiron.

Of course, the engine is not under that cover; it is again in the middle. In the Bugatti Chiron successor, this is no longer a W16 but a V16. Moreover, the power source no longer does it all itself because there is a form of electrification. What exactly the latter entails remains shrouded in mystery for a while. It will undoubtedly become clear soon, because on June 20, Bugatti will present the car that is undoubtedly full of superlatives.

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