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Buy A Used Tesla Before It’s Too Late, See Why




First Shipment Of China-made Tesla Model 3 Arrives In Europe - autojosh

First Shipment Of China-made Tesla Model 3 Arrives In Europe - autojosh

Demand for Tesla’s vehicles is skyrocketing. This has created a huge market for used Teslas.

Now, this is why.

If you order a brand-new Tesla today, there is a good chance you won’t get it for a long time.

So, in order to avoid the long wait, or especially if you want a car quickly, it would be a good idea to seek for a used Tesla.

The automotive industry has been kind of a mess for over a year now. The COVID-19 pandemic stopped production for a time, so automakers have had to play catchup.

This caused a boom in the used market, and prices have started to soar. Now that we are heading out of the worst of the pandemic, brands are working to crank out cars, but a global chip shortage has made that next to impossible.

Meanwhile, demand for Tesla’s vehicles appears to be skyrocketing. In fact, the electric automaker has reportedly sold out all of its production for Q2, and it happened fairly early in the quarter.

No matter which new Tesla you order today, you are likely looking at long delays. Tesla keeps raising its prices, too. This all means many Tesla shoppers are now hitting the used market.

Used Teslas tend to be priced high, and with the rising demand, as well as lack of new vehicles readily available, chances are they will climb even more. In addition, used inventory stands to dwindle as this whole situation continues to unfold.

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