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Car Exhaust Problems: 6 Signs and Symptoms To Look Out For



Excessively Loud Engine Noise

If your engine is excessively noisy, this is one of the first symptoms of exhaust problems to look out for. A defective exhaust manifold gasket will result in an exhaust leak that sounds like a hissing or tapping noise. The sound is particularly loud after a cold start or when the car is accelerated.


A reduction in fuel efficiency

When your vehicle’s power and acceleration drop, it’s common for its fuel efficiency to drop as well. To perform as well as it does without an exhaust problem, your car will have to work even harder, consuming more petrol. You might believe that replacing or repairing your exhaust is expensive, but if you don’t, you’ll wind up spending a lot more money on fuel.

Reduced Power and Acceleration

If you have an exhaust problem, it will start to damage your engine’s performance. You won’t be able to accelerate as well or as quickly, and when you do accelerate, you won’t obtain the same power. If you don’t fix the exhaust leak, the situation will just become worse.


Dangling Exhaust Pipe

If your exhaust pipe is dangling or dragging on the ground, it needs to be repaired right away. If any section of the pipe breaks, even if it doesn’t leak, it can start to hang underneath the vehicle. The dragging is not only dangerous to you, but it can also be dangerous to other drivers if it falls off the vehicle.


Gas Smell

When you start to smell gas inside your car while driving, it could be a clue that you have an exhaust problem. When one of the exhaust pipes or tubes becomes damaged and begins to leak, this is the most common cause. When this happens, the petrol vapours escape through any available opening. That location can sometimes be found in your car’s cabin.

These are just a few indicators that your car’s exhaust system is malfunctioning. If you are concerned about your vehicle or see any of these signs, you should take it to the dealer for a checkup or replacement.


Burning Smell From the Engine Bay

The heat from the exhaust gases could cause these pieces to burn if your gasket fails and begins to leak near any engine wiring or plastic parts beneath the hood. The burning parts then emit a burning odor, similar to that of a burning engine. It can also emit a small amount of smoke, but you shouldn’t wait until you see smoke to have it checked out. If you notice any burning or see any smoke, have your car checked right away to avoid putting yourself or your passengers in danger.

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