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Checkout Renault AIR4, A Flying Car Inspired By the Renault 4



To commemorate its 60th anniversary, Renault has unveiled the AIR4, a future flying version of the original Renault 4.

The exhibition car is “built for future roadways that are imagined to be in the air,” according to the French manufacturer, and it “provides a unique view into how the Renault 4 could look in another 60 years.”

The exhibition car, which is entirely made of carbonfibre, has been designed to fly. “Real-world trials could start,” Renault stated.

The AIR4 has four two-blade propellers, one at each corner of the vehicle, instead of wheels.  The driver enters the cabin by lifting the front-Hinged shell, which is located in the middle of the rotar frame

It is powered by 22,000mAh lithium-polymer batteries, which allow for a horizontal top speed of 26m per second and a 45-degree inclination during flight, with a maximum inclination of 70 degrees.

Renault claims it can fly as high as 700 meters with a 14-meter take-off speed, albeit this is limited to 4 meters per second for safety concerns, and a landing speed of 3 meters per second. Its propellers each produce 95kg of vertical thrust, totaling 380kg.

The AIR4 was built in collaboration with motion design firm The Arsenale and will be on display at the Renault store on the Champs Élysées in Paris.

“We wanted to do something different to close out the 60th anniversary of 4L after a year of celebration,” said Arnaud Belloni, Renault marketing chief. “Working with The Arsenale was a natural fit for us. The AIR4 flying show car is a first and a wink to how this icon might look in another 60 years.”

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