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Checkout Some Cars Owned By Pastor Sam Adeyemi Of Daystar (PHOTOS)



Pastor Sam Adeyemi is one of the most recognizable pastors in Nigeria. He is the founder and Senior Pastor of the Daystar Christian Centre,

He began the Daystar Christian Centre on November 18, 1995, at the 4th floor of the Eko Chinese hotel on Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Born on the 3rd of February, 1967 in Yagba, Kogi State, Nigeria, Pastor Adeyemi is also an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and writer.

As a writer, he has authored many successful books that were designed to motivate the readers. Some of his best-selling books include “Success is who you are” and “Parables of Dollar.”

Pastor Sam Adeyemi is married to Pastor Nike Adeyemi, and together they have three kids.

In terms of style and taste, Pastor Adeyemi is known for his sense of modesty and simplicity. He is not known for an extravagant or flamboyant lifestyle.

This is especially evident in his choice of automobile. Pastor Adeyemi does not have more than two cars per time. He doesn’t have a driver, he drives himself.  Neither does he drive in a convoy. He obeys traffic laws. He doesn’t have any bodyguard(s), etc.

In this article, we will be reviewing some personal cars that feature in the garage of the Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Center, Sam Adeyemi.


Mercedes-Benz S 350

Pastor Sam Adeyemi owns a 2008 model Mercedes-Benz S 350. The vehicle was a gift to him from the pastors in his church.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the flagship vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz brand.

The S-Class has grown into a global status symbol for affluent individuals who needed to transport both business associates and the family in comfort and style.

Each generation of the S-Class typically introduces a range of technical innovations and developments that over time will find their way into smaller cars. And the Mercedes-Benz S350 is part of that prestigious series.

The petrol-powered Mercedes-Benz S350 represents the entry-level S-Class. Bodily, the grille is more pronounced and the front bumper design includes chrome strips below the air intakes.

A naturally aspirated 3.5-litre V6 engine that provides the car with modest performance and propels it.

The engine delivers 272 hp, and it does have M-B’s seven-speed autobox to help keep it on the boil. The 7G-Tronic offers three modes of operation – Comfort, Sport and Manual.

Its power delivery is silky smooth too, and unless you have good reason to stand hard on the throttle, there is very little turbo lag.

The S-Class is not just a luxury saloon; it is also a showcase for the brand’s engineering excellence.




Lexus LX570


Another feature in the garage of Pastor Adeyemi is a 2014 model Lexus LX 570.

The  LX 570 is a physically imposing SUV with a dramatic front grille that looks ready to inhale anything in its path.

Underneath are the rugged underpinnings of the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser. As a result, this large SUV offers a rare combination of size, comfort and off-road ability.

Inside, the LX 570 is a cruise ship, with real wood, supple cushioning and tight build quality. Its most significant flaw is an outdated infotainment system.

The LX never struggles to make an impression.

The LX comes nearly fully loaded with an opulent interior and one available engine. The biggest choice for buyers is whether to opt for two or three rows of seats. Most buyers opt for the standard three-row version.

The LX has a V8 engine powertrain, a welded steel unibody shell combined with full-size steel ladder frame (body-on-frame construction). The LX570 can seat eight passengers. It has a 5.7 L  V8 engine. The Power output is 383 hp with 546 N⋅m (403 lb-ft) of torque. is an authoritative car blog in Nigeria. Its objective is to get Nigerians and a wider audience to be more informed about automobiles, the automotive sector and transport infrastructure. Over the years, we have been instrumental in creating immeasurable public awareness about automobiles and their maintenance, safety and traffic laws, amongst others. ...Your mobility, our priority. NK

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