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Death Will Increase On BRT Lanes Until We Stop This (See PHOTOS)



Incidences of death caused by BRT buses crushing pedestrians to their demise are on the increase.

The BRT bus system is a system where dedicated lanes are used by the buses.

Despite their restriction to these dedicated lanes, news of deaths of pedestrians being knocked down and killed by BRT are becoming frequent.

These deaths are sometimes caused by the recklessness some of the BRT bus drivers.

But mostly, fatalities from BRT accidents can be blamed on the carelessness of pedestrians.

It is not uncommon to see pedestrians walking leisurely inside the BRT lanes.

Some of these careless commuters walk absentmindedly in the direction of vehicular traffic, making oncoming BRT buses to be on their blind side.

Some even walk with the earpiece of an audio device in their ears, thus muting them to the sound by an oncoming BRT bus.

The medians constructed along some of these expressways do little to discourage pedestrians and commuters from straying into these BRT lanes.

Until some form of regulation and checks are instituted to discourage the practice of strolling in BRT lanes,  deaths  from BRT accidents will continue to be on the increase.

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