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Driver Trying To Flee From LASTMA Knocks A Policeman Off A Bridge (Video)



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A video on Twitter by @bizzleosikoya shows the moment a driver trying to flee from LASTMA, knocked off a policeman down a bridge.

In the video, it could be seen that the driver was already violating traffic rules by following one-way. In a bid to reverse and head back on road, he hit the policeman off a bridge.

On realizing what he has done, and on seeing the effort put in to get him, he yielded. He alighted his car and started reacting to his actions. The policeman who got knocked off the bridge could be seen moving ; showing he is still alive. The canal must have cushioned the impact of his fall. We just can’t ascertain the extent of the injury he sustained from the video

The driver in his Toyota Highlander SUV took his recklessness to entirely another level. The consequences of his action won’t be an easy path to walk down on.

Let’s hope the police officer is okay, else the driver has a very long way to go.

Don’t be like this driver trying to flee and ended up knocking a policeman off a bridge. Obey traffic rules and respect traffic officials.

Watch the video below;

Video credit: @bizzleosikoya [Twitter]

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