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3 Easiest Ways To Know Your Engine Is Gone



toyota camry engine bay

These are some of the ways to know that your engine is gone. There are quite a good number of them, but if you’ve been experiencing most of what was listed in this write-up, then know your engine is on the verge of packing up.

In order not to assume wrongly, we also advise you take your car to good technicians to access your car and give you their verdict.

Below are the 3 easiest ways to know your engine is gone.

1. loss of compression

There are so many things that can cause your engine to lose compression. One of them is when your engine is on the verge of giving up or gone totally. In case you don’t understand what it means for an engine to lose compression, we have a simple explanation for you. When your engine is losing compression, your car does not accelerate as it suppose to do even when you depress your throttle to the mat. You get the feeling of your car moving as if it’s loaded with 100 bags of cement. You notice it more when moving uphill or when you want to overtake another car briskly.

2. Noise

There are numerous kind of noises you hear from your car when something goes bad. Unusual noise from your engine is one of these noises and it is a cry for help from your engine that something is not fine with it. This noise could be tapping, grinding, clicking, knocking noise or even a sudden loud bang.

3. Smoke

One of the many ways of knowing that your engine is gone is when your car start smoking visibly. If you start noticing thick smoke (usually white or light blue), then know something is wrong with your engine. Spare some minutes and go through our post on the 3 Different Engine Smoke Colours And What They Mean.


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