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Europe Finally Gets Lexus ES That Has Side-view Cameras Instead Of Traditional Mirrors





Finally, Lexus ES with Side-view Cameras —instead of traditional side mirrors — is now available in select European markets. Africa, including, Nigeria will soon get the model.



Two years ago, Lexus took a step into the future by introducing the Digital Side-view Monitor into the Japan-only Lexus ES.

The cameras, which will eventually replace the traditional side mirrors, is designed to transmit the outside images onto two 5-inch display screens located inside the car.



The system has sensors that automatically reduces glare from headlights at nighttime. In addition to improving visibility and safety in all weather conditions, it also eliminates blind spots when turning or reversing.

The side-view cameras also feature built-in heaters and their positioning does not make them vulnerable to raindrops or snow. They are also designed to reduce wind noise, a defect that is common to the traditional type.

Lexus aim to expand the digital cameras to other models, but regulations around the world, especially in the US, limited the tech to only Japan.



But now, the industry-first technology is now available as an option on the ES 300h Takumi model on a select European markets .

Available on the ES 300h Takumi on the United Kingdom Lexus configurator, the total package is priced at £1,600 (₦726,000). Each of the cameras and monitors account for a quarter of this cost.


Lexus plans to display the ES with the side-view cameras at the upcoming 2020 Geneva Motor Show next month. The futuristic option will be available immediately in the U.K, Germany, Spain, and Poland.

Nigerians What Do You Think…Are You Yearning To Drive A Car Fitted With This Futuristic Digital Side-view Mirrors?

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