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FG Issues Travel Ban On 13 Countries Over Coronavirus



FG Issues Travel Ban On 13 Countries Over Coronavirus

The Federal Government of Nigeria has issued a travel ban on 13 countries worldwide. This is due to the constant coronavirus spreading globally. The countries affected are countries that have more than 1,000 cases. The Federal Government is also temporarily suspending all visas issued to nationals from these countries. Nigerians arriving from these countries will be subjected to supervised isolation for 14 days.

The countries that have been affected by the travel ban include the following……China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Japan, France, Germany, the United States of America, Norway, the United Kingdom, Netherlands & Switzerland.

The FG is also advising all Nigerians to avoid travel to these countries. These restrictions will come into effect from Friday 20 March 2020, for 4 weeks, subject to review.

Coronavirus aka COVID-19 is an ongoing global pandemic that has ravaged the world for the past months. Its no respecter of persons, color or race as has been seen in recent past. The World Health Organization has placed the disease as a MAJOR THREAT as more countries are been hit.

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